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Thought it might be interesting to have a thread discussing the influence of Bond on clothing styles and choices...
Can we assume that it had some influence on your avatar?

I place the written Bond above all else, though when I first read the books I wasn't paying too much attention to what Flemming said about clothes. As far as films go, I'd go Connery, Craig, Brosnan for style. I dislike tuxedos, which seems to be Craig's forte, so that probably drops him below Connery.

Relevant article:
I'd think its hard to determine how much of an influence Bond (Craig) has had on MCmenswear, versus how much his character has coincided with an overall shift in MCmenswear. For sure you see this radical change in wardrobing between Quantum and Skyfall, but is that just exemplifying a change in the general trend towards skinny lapels, overly tight suits, etc?

I do think that Craig-Bond in particular has had a notable influence in appealing to the common "dude" in America (at least) to realize that it is possible to step up their sartorial sense a notch or two. Rare pieces also send the #menswear blogosphere into a spin to pick up that exact Barbour jacket or the Billy Read cropped peacoat, from there inspiring looks and general aesthetic.

I am really partial to how Craig's Bond has been styled - most of his movies present a good combo between "attainable" and pure MC-steez.
I think Craig's suits (both before and after the shift) have followed fashion rather than led anything. The Bond of the novels would have thought them all appalling.

His casual wear however I think may just have had some influence, in that it has demonstrated to a large audience that you can dress casually without looking like a slob.

I think Vox made a passing comment in his blog that Connery was the last Bond to lead rather than follow taste. May not be entirely true but it's a good line nonetheless.
Why do we discuss Bond? He is a fictional character. Fleming and wardrobe designers are the ones to discuss. Plus, he drank shaken vodka martinis which is always in bad taste...

I remember reading somewhere that Flemming wanted the line to be "stirred, not shaken", which makes more sense both as a metaphor and as a drink. He was overruled by some idiot who thought it sounded cooler the other way round.
I enjoy the movies but honestly I'd rather be a Bond villain.

Max Zorin was a pretty snappy dresser, for example.



Zorin was the best villain.

Tight suits aside, still some bombtastic production here.

A few more I stumble on tonight.



Love that low button-stance. And while not a fan of the collar's proportions, it still fits the jacket perfectly.


Skinny lapels and shrunken collars.


.gif, but look how that moves on him. Amazingly tailored, yet still not constrictive.


Nope - no collar gap here.


More of this, please.
Bond generally looks good. I think you can do worse for a role model, though Craigs suits didn't fit at all in Skyfall.
If this is something that we want to continue talking about, does anyone want to take over this thread? TheMantis hasn't been around for over a year.
Speaking of James Bond villains, I am reminded how one female co-worker said her first impression of me was that I was like "a villain in a James Bond movie--one that would come to a bad end out on the ski slopes."

Almost at once, she fell in love with me--a good example of the perversity of the female psyche!

This was all over 30 years ago, by the way.
If I take over this thread, the ground rules are there will be no Roger Moore discussion without my approval.
Certainly not, that's why we need a vettin gprocess to make sure only the good stufff makes it through.
The Barbour Tokito is a sweet jacket. You can still get the Commander B replicas on eBay pretty easy.
Fuck Lazenby. I'd party with the dude, but he was awful as Bond, and in general sartorial matters.
Quantum of Solace wasn't all bad. Nowhere near the Moore era.

That brown/tan suit he's wearing when he checks into the bolivian hotel was awesome.
Quantum of Solace wasn't all bad. Nowhere near the Moore era.

That brown/tan suit he's wearing when he checks into the bolivian hotel was awesome.

Are you talking sartorially or how good the movie was? Cause it was pretty pathetic as a movie.
i thought he was referring to the suit at the hotel in Bolivia in Quantum of Solace
Not a fan of those Lazenbys. Last one is ok I guess, but colors are iffy.

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