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Here's something I just received: Hermes "Made in Scotland" v-neck. This is an old one, I believe this was made by McGeorge (Shooman?) in the 60s - 80s. It's a thinner feel than the other old Hermes I have (Barrie and Balantyne). Very nice though, it's in outstanding condition with very minimal pilling.
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Great week on eBay!! On top of the vintage McGeorge, got this amazing vintage Pringle to close the season!! Lighter than the McGeorge but also pure cashmere, tight knit af. Needs a bit of a brush but otherwise in fantastic condition!

A beautiful 8 ply Corgi cardigan, that I just couldn't resist. Its getting harder to get big Corgi knitwear on their own label.
By the way, riri zippers on knitwear its a nice touch.


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vintage Alan Paine is supposed to be near the very top. As usual the quality will vary due to the nature of cashmere. Some say it is almost as good as the top Scottish cashmere, while others like Vox have spoken about their purchase of 6 ply cashmere cableknits in the 1980's that have never pilled and look as knew as when they bought them decades before, and he also basically said that the modern day knits don't seem to compare to his old Paines.

I got my Lockie 6 ply this morning. The gauge and thickness doesn't compare to my old Scottish Lanimer. My Lanimer is twice as thick and dense. Looking forward to my other Lockie, it will be much more dense and heavy.

I really think 12 ply cashmere jumpers are the go for me. Arans (virgin wool) and 6 ply (cashmere) are not warm enough for winter despite me also wearing thermal wool wear and sometimes another cashmere layer underneath. I do feel the cold.
Sorry to reply to a six year old post, but would you mind posting a picture of your old Lanimer sweater?

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