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A compendium of interesting threads to get started with. We recommend going through both the Agreeable and Disagreeable threads and trying to pick up details on outfits through what works and what doesn't. Both threads are stickied at the top of the forum:

Our Twitter Account - @dressedwellnet

-Forum Related:

Getting Started With The Forum Software - show you how to use the forum software.

Zen and the Art of Forum Maintenance - tell us if you're having any tech difficulties so we can fix them.

Improving - if you have any bright ideas for making this a better place.

Chat - self explanatory

Donate - help keep the forum up and running. as you've probably noticed, there isn't a single ad on this site. Donations help to pay for keeping the lights on and improvements along the way.

-For Understanding Clothes:

Agreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

The First Five Thread: Starting a Wardrobe From Scratch

Building a basic SW&D wardrobe

Shoe care

Tools Needed To Maintain Your Wardrobe

Talk to me about suede

Improvement and Suggestions (outfit or individual pieces)

Why we don't like the clothes we don't like...

Is It Truly Possible To Get Bespoke Shoes, Or Anything For That Matter, Over The Internet?

New to online MTM shirts, any tips?

My eBay Watchlist

Money and Wardrobe

THE Necktie Thread

Shoes - Construction Pictures & Terminology

A Visit to a Local Cordwainer

Everything you need to know about trousers.

Tweed Jacket

Your aspirational wish list:

Clothes & Styles Of Dress You Dislike That The Gentry Love

Orazio Luciano f/w 14/15, or what @sartodinapoli didn't get

Ask A Quick Question

Random Style Thoughts

-Understanding The Internet of Fashion:

iGent Poses

Succumbing To The Tyranny Of Menswear

Menswear Experts - Do as I Say Not as I Do?

A List Of The Most Prominent Clothing Shills & Their Network Connections

StyleForum - Behind the Veil: Money, Politics & Bullshit

Temple Of Pawns: The Story Of Temple Of Jawnz & The Morons On StyleForum Who Were Ripped Off

LKP's Sartorial Variety Thread - Everything all at Once

Fucking Ew.

#StyfoDude - Post Your Finds

The iGent's Guide To The Galaxy

-Understanding SartodiNapoli, the Manchurian Candidate of Menswear Forums & Dark Overlord of All Things. And if you're wondering why this is worth reading, ask yourself if you'd ever thought you'd meet someone who loved cocaine, Hitler, Opus Dei, Frankie Knuckles, psychoanalysis, the FreeMasons, and dungeons, well, your search is finally over:
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fixed - some dead links in the list since the server move.
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