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Another nationalist win. Populism reigns supreme.

If only we elected politicians by looks...


"In New Hampshire, two recent polls show Haley rising to second place, and ahead of DeSantis by double digits. A Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa poll published at the end of October shows Haley and DeSantis tied for second place at 16 percent."

DeSantis campaign continuing their death spiral.

"The junta has been on the back foot for a month now, after an alliance of northern ethnic militias that had previously sat out the war launched a surprise attack on Oct. 27, seizing control of a large part of Shan State, on the border with China. The success of the 10.27 Offensive, as it has become known, has emboldened other anti-junta forces across the country, leading to a wave of assaults and dramatically changing the dynamic of the previously stalemated conflict."

"There have been numerous reports – which The Globe cannot independently verify – of junta soldiers surrendering to rebel forces, and some experts doubt the military has the manpower to reinforce across multiple fronts. Once the second-largest army in Southeast Asia, with some 400,000 men, behind only Vietnam, the Myanmar military is now estimated to be around a quarter of that size, though this number does not include some 80,000 paramilitary police officers.

In a recent statement, the NUG and five ethnic resistance groups urged junta forces to switch sides, saying more than 14,000 soldiers and police officers had done so since the 2021 coup."

Interesting but I doubt there will be an automatic induction of Aung San Suu Kyi back as head of state this time around.

Who is watching this? Newsom isn't in the Democratic primary. DeSantis is still in the Republican primary. This is like a proper boxer fighting an MMA guy one knows what. Money?

"As the two leaders continued to yell over each other, Mr Hannity pleaded with them to spend more time directly responding to his questions.

'It'd be great if both of you guys cooperated. I'm not a potted plant here,' he said."

Come on now Mr. Hannity, it could not have been worse than the infamous first Trump vs. Biden presidential election debate.

"Mr Ramaswamy ticked off a laundry list of conspiracies in an apparent bid at chumming the waters for far-right voters. He applauded himself for being the only one at the debate willing to say that the 6 January 2021 riot at the US Capitol was an inside job. He then claimed that the American government lied about 9/11 and that the 2020 election was stolen by the tech industry.

The American pharmaceutical entrepreneur also endorsed the great replacement theory, a racist conspiracy theory that claims there is a secret plan to replace white people in Europe and the US through mass migration. Civil rights groups say the theory promotes white supremacy."

....replace white people in the US through mass migration? But you're brown...

Funding for Israel/Ukraine/Taiwan? Border controls?

Let's get the important stuff through Congress first.

Was this part of the plea deal that was broken off in the summer?

"The indictment further points to certain payments that it says were incorrectly listed as expenses, including wired money that was written down as being for a 'golf member deposit' when, according to prosecutors, it was used to 'purchase a membership in a sex club.'"

"Mr Milei has risen rapidly from relative obscurity to Argentina's highest office on a right-wing platform which includes restricting abortion rights, liberalising gun laws and climate change denial. During the campaign he said he would replace Argentina's currency with the dollar and abolish the country's central bank, along with a host of government departments"

He sounds like a pleasant man.

"New Delhi denies any connection to a June murder in a Vancouver suburb but has announced an investigation into U.S. concerns about an alleged plot in New York.

It says such plots were not government policy and it is not hunting down Sikh separatists abroad. At the same time, Indian security and foreign ministry officials say Sikh separatists in North America and Europe raising money, training people and campaigning for India’s division, is a concern for New Delhi."

We just want to be aware who and where these separatists are so we don't inadvertently assassinate them.

“Hungarians … don’t bow to pressure,' Orban said as he arrived in Brussels for the EU summit, referring to the start of accession talks.

'There are conditions, they were not met. The council is not in a position to decide,' he said, adding: 'We have an opinion and we will stand by that.'"

It's unanimous!

"EU diplomats and officials said the unexpected green light for talks took place as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban – who had for weeks said he would block such a deal – agreed to leave the room, knowing the other leaders would go ahead and vote.

Such an unusual way to approve a decision – especially such a major one – is unheard of in Brussels, even for a place where diplomats have long been very creative about how to strike deals."

Only 3 EU nations remained in the room to vote - it's unanimous! 3 of 3 (out of 27).

"Now this may sound perfectly banal to people unversed in French politics. After all, the law was not drawn up by her - but by President Macron's centre and the right-wing Republicans cooperating together. If she chooses to support it, that's her prerogative. But the good or bad of a bill is good or bad independent of what the hard-right says about it.

But that is to underestimate the symbolic vehemence of the Le Pen name, and the associations it conjures up in the minds of its enemies.

To pass a law relying on far-right votes was an embarrassment that Macronite MPs found excruciating, and a day on they are still squirming." mean like that Netanyahu guy?

"According to the Symocel observer group, nearly 60% of polling stations opened late, while 30% of voter material was defective."

Well...the government also doesn't control all parts of the country.

God forbid they institute mail in ballots.

"The home secretary told female guests 'a little bit of Rohypnol in her drink every night' was 'not really illegal if it's only a little bit',

Mr Cleverly also laughed that the secret to a long marriage was ensuring your spouse was 'someone who is always mildly sedated so she can never realise there are better men out there'."

British humour.
If only she spoke up against antisemitism and didn't plagiarise her way to the top.

2 down. 1 more to go.
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"The new allegations say Menendez made positive statements about Qatar to help a New Jersey developer get a multimillion-dollar investment from a company tied to the country. The developer cited in the indictment is Fred Daibes, who has also been charged in the case.

During the time of the discussions in late 2021 into 2022 for the investment in the deal, Menendez allegedly made a number of statements supportive of Qatar."

Isn't this every politician and celebrity who showed up for World Cup 2022 and OK-ed hosting a football tournament in the desert where most games were played at night and in the winter?

I'm pretty sure everyone got something out of it.

"Biden now claims the support of just 63% of Black voters, a precipitous decline from the 87% he carried in 2020, according to the Roper Center. He trails among Hispanic voters by 5 percentage points, 39%-34%; in 2020 he had swamped Trump among that demographic group 2 to 1, 65%-32%.

And among voters under 35, a generation largely at odds with the GOP on issues such as abortion access and climate change, Trump now leads 37%-33%. Younger voters overwhelmingly backed Biden in 2020."

I didn't even know there were so many <35 year old Republicans.

"Asked whether he would prefer a vote in the first half of the year, Sir Keir said: 'I would like to see an election as soon as possible.'

'I think the vast majority of the public want to see an election as soon as possible, and the reason is that the choice now is to turn our back on 14 years of decline and usher in a decade of national renewal with hope and change.'

He added: 'People can't afford for the prime minister to be squatting for months on end this year.'"

And I have some bespoke furniture that are being made for 10 Downing and there's no place to put it if you don't call an election by spring.

"Republicans appeared angered by the move, with Rep Nancy Mace accusing him of 'white privilege'.

'I think that Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now, and go straight to jail,' the South Carolina congresswoman said. 'Our nation is founded on the rule of law and the premise that the law applies equally to everyone, no matter what your last name is.'"

I'm confused. Which part of this is white privilege?

Also it's a congressional committee. Do they have the same powers as a judicial court to give verdicts and sentence people to prison?

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