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I really don't know why the news networks don't collectively fire all their anchors and hire you instead. So insightful

That won't happen. I'm not attractive like Sky's Kay Burley or Fox's Sean Hannity. Even Twitter's Tucker Carlson.

"With that humbling history in mind, some liberal commentators say Sotomayor — who is 69, a lifelong diabetic and the oldest member of the court’s liberal wing — should retire while Joe Biden is president and Democrats control the Senate, echoing similar calls directed at Ginsburg a decade ago that went unheeded.

Democratic senators who serve on the Judiciary Committee remain haunted by the Ginsburg precedent. None are publicly calling on Sotomayor to step down, but they say they hope it doesn’t happen again and create a 7-2 conservative majority."

You mean Biden may lose? So little faith.

“'Run it to 7-2 and you go from a captured court to a full MAGA court,' Whitehouse said in an interview. 'Certainly I think if Justice Ginsburg had it to do over again, she might have rethought her confidence in her own health.'"

Yes - speak on behalf of the dead who can't speak for themselves.

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