The "Over-Rated" Thread!!


Witness Protection Program
In this thread...we post people, places, restaurants, things, movies, artists, etc that are fukking over-rated......

I will start......


(I just don't get all the fuss^^!)


(Not even the best brick oven in the 'hood!)


(Especially when you have a 7am client meeting at their location.)
I'd sleep with the girl in the first post.

The following ties are overrated:
Pretty much any tie sold at Duty Free.
Hands and feet? only if she is using them to defend for spray to the face and hair. Nothing better that spunking on a chicks face and getting her hair gummed up.

I am trying to imagine this right now
^^^ Novice @ Pauly

What the hell are you talking about? Trying to teach me about computers over the interwebz is futile. How do you make the happy face, mad face, all those faces like you can do on SF and with iphones?

See how you made a pretend Twitter @ tag there? Well, on the forum, you can create tags to notify people you're talking about them. Just type in the @ sign and the user name with no space, and a little popup box will show you users. For example, if I type Mauro, you'll get a notification that someone tagged you in the thread. This way, you can know when you're part of the conversation.

The smiley faces are in a drop down box at the bottom of the box where you type your messages. It says Smilies.
Wtf...Selena Gomez overrated? Anal overrated?

Please do not bring over the ghey mentality from SF to this place.

yes she is VERY overrated. we are all not 15 yr old pimple faced boyz!!

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