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Might change the title on this

I love this place and their reporting - low budget, experts who aren't famous, and pretty much no bullshit. If you've never checked them out I recommend it:
On the disaster that is the 401K market, and how people are retiring without enough money:

This is a very good debate between two economists on Obama's social security okey doke budget:

^^ First I've heard of it. There is a great degree of proselytizing and a lot of soldiers are very strong in their faith, but I'm not familiar with the Dominionists. This is new to me.
Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Thought you might like this:

What the video says about the political party PRI, it's all true. This past elections were a mess. I'm not glad with the current President, but with AMLO, the other contender we will already be worse. Sometimes people never learn. The sad story is that both of this guys, Peña Nieto and AMLO, one was educated at the PRI (AMLO) and the other one is learning from the PRI (Peña Nieto), and people trust AMLO. Unbealievable.
Labeling. It's not wrong for Apple to be making use of legal loopholes. US corporate tax system is messed up. Should reform/lower it and start collecting more taxes

Well its all tax avoidance BS, whether its being done by Apple or GM or Exxon.
A good talk on how our shitty austerity policies aren't helping anyone down the foodchain stream:

Here's a good 3 part series on Mexico and the political ruling class and the massive loss of life from the war on drugs:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3 on the "disappeared":

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse - thoughts?
Bill Black with an update on what's happening with the recent finance numbers that have come out:

Here's a good 3 part series on Mexico and the political ruling class and the massive loss of life from the war on drugs:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3 on the "disappeared":

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse - thoughts?

I forgot to comment on this, sorry.

The drug cartels, that is a theme that it's very complicated in here. If you live in Mexico, you can interact with some narcos and you will never notice. When I was in Aguascalientes I knew two of them, but one was the "Achichincle" for the big one. Don't know the translation for Achichincle, but those are the ones that are the nearest to the guy that is the heavy one. And knew the daughter of one of them, in fact she studied in the same school I was studying.

This guy played where I used to play golf, the achichincle. His bag was completely Honma. If you don't know about golf, Honma is a brand that inserts gold in their clubs. So a driver can cost you $1,800 usd, yeap for one club. He had the 14 clubs and the bag. I remember one day I was at the range and he lend the driver to one of his friends and the friend, a not-so-avid-golfer broke it! Hahaha it was hilarous the clubhead flew more than the ball and the guy just said... "I'll buy a new one tomorrow". We coincide a lot of times at the range, I only say "Hi!" and smile most of the time and treat them with respect cause you don't relly know if some attitude or something like that is going to bother them.

I think that violence in Mexico due to drugs is going to end when they legalize it. I'm not an hedonist, so I don't find trouble with making drugs legal. If people want to get stoned well it's like getting drunk or smoking. My parents educated me well so I have no interest on consuming drugs. But I think that legalizing it, it can be sold in places that should have to pay taxes and the producers of drugs will have to pay taxes. Really don't know, it's complicated.
Bill Black on how Bank of America was paying their employees to file illegal forclosures and the subsequent scandal that's just popped up:

For all you soccer fans, excellent video from The Guardian on the slave labor being used by Qatar to build the World Cup facilities:

I posted that in another thread. I actually met the man on several occasions. He was a great guy.

Latest word is he might not have been driving, just a passenger renting out his Porsche for charity. Just gets worse and worse.

Damn. That is really really bad.

In other story if you ever meet Jennifer Lawrence, you have to tell her about me and I will be ASAP in there. :happycry:
You can put her down as your friend on your Visa application.

They'll probably ask me for her address and that might give them reasons to interview me haha. I read that since it's a renewal if they don't find anything questionable they send the Visa quicker.

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