The Rules

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The New Rules:

-Don't be a dickhead. I know this is difficult for many of you, but please, at least make an effort.

-DT is by nature NSFW. No bitching. Nudity is allowed, but it must be spoilered.

-In the News will be heavily watched. If we see you shitting up conversations you will be removed. If it keeps up, you'll be banned.

-5 Posts are required to view Dumb Threads.

-5 Posts are required to be able to upload images to threads.

-5 Posts are required to start a new thread in any of the forums.

We've set these limits so any old asshole can't just sign up and start posting their bullshit. Also, to prevent spam. Those Indian love doctors are rampant on the internet, as any 2AM browsing of StyleForum can attest to. We want active participants in the community who are interested in contributing and making this a better place.
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