The SF/AAAC/FNB trainwreck thread


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Post links to all trainwreck threads from AAAC (I'm assuming that there are some regular posters from there?) or SF. Let's face it: DressedWell isn't big enough yet to have proper trainwrecks. Not enough people and the people who are here are largely too reasonable to really fuck shit up.

David Copeland and 38 R have been really rocking the MC subforum over on SF.
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Any of Foo's threads: Hermes Wallet thread, Rubinacci thread, etc

Alpha as fuck thread

Panera girl thread, well not a trainwreck, but lulz worthy
I don't think I have read any of Hermes Man threads

MarkI's girlfriend thread was pretty awesome too.
Wasn't there a picture of her naked floating around? Someone want's to spoiler that for me?
I need to read the Panera girl and Mark's girlfriend threads. They don't seem like trainwrecks since they were started in DT (I'm assuming), but still good. The Foo home decor thread seemed pretty wrecked.
Does SF have a new wonderbaby now that Vox is gone?

More importantly, can we get a wonderbaby up in here? I want a wonderbaby.
I want a wonderbaby. I don't want to be a wonderbaby. There is a difference.

For example. I want a blow job. I don't want to be a blow job.
Holy fuck, Styleforum is dead. I mean, it's still very good for clothing advice and whatnot. But the non-clothing forums make me weep. Or yawn. It's four dull people recycling the same shit over and over. Yeah mang! You're awesome! No, mang, You're awesome! No, really, you're hilarious!

Do squatz! Acquire aesthetics!
I miss Artisan Fan. He was a Quality Poster, in comparison to the current droolers. Never mind how Andre would school him on his stupid styrofoam cups or Manton would call him out for letting down the conservative side, he was hated and reviled and - I tell you from experience - a forum needs a good villain.
I didn't know AF doesn't post anymore. Used to love with when Javyn and he went at it.
I don't know if these two venture outside of CM, but VinnyMac and David Copeland make me want to punch a cactus.
Jesus H Christ! It became a train wreck right from the very first post. I love Stephen terrorizing Foo throughout it. I don't know if I can make it through 78 pages of it, though.

Holy shit, 1174 posts and counting about furnishing a living room. Concrete proof that minutiae triggers insanity.
Do I just type "Foo Rubinacci pant trainwreck" to find this thread?
I haven't prowled through the archives for legendary threads of SF lore.

Except for pB's bathroom thread. That was pretty awesome.
The more I hear of AAAC, the more I feel like it is inhabited by creepy old men
I was forced last night to wade through pages and pages of the WAYWT Discussion thread. What an absolutely convoluted mess and bro-backslapping and then ridiculing a newcomer who dares to offer anythung different from teh groupthink.

So many tattered sneakers, overly-tight jeans and black jackets, all in a semi-humpback position.

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