The way we used to live

Men's roles
- if the house burns down he is responsible to getting the kids and his wife out, even if it costs him his life.
- if someone is drowning a man is expected to jump in and save the person.
- if an uninvited guest comes to the front the door the man is expected to tell the person to get lost in a harsh tone. He could be beaten up, but he is still expected to do it.
- if the kids play up the man does the discipline and acts in a manly authoritative way
- leaves home each day to earn the money while undergoing stress in the process and the pressure to keep working so he can look after his family.

Women's roles
- providing a great home environment where everything functions well.
- to nurture, teach and look after the kids and make sure her husband is taken care of so he can perform his role for the family.
- to have children.

Few men's and women's roles are fun. Both require sacrifice. Women have child birth; and men are expected to put their life on the line to protect, and leave home each day to earn. For native people it is the same; the man risks his life to hunt food while the women look after the home and prepares meals etc.

You’re still single, huh?
Back when cop cars were cool

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Leggings, bandaid-coloured shoes, a man-bag and a beard. Dude really needs to work on his man-bun!

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