Things You Just Don't Get


Sh** like this.
That, trying to be festive/cutesy, and then instagramming it.

That and feet are ugly in general.
I wore my USMNT jersey today for the 4th in place of a horrendous flag-print t-shirt.:truestory-90:
I am sure it has been posted before but it cannot be repeated enough: sweatpants in public (not coming to and from the gym but as a clothing choice). I saw a 50+ y.o. woman yesterday walking into a shop with sweatpants. It looks fucked up especially when she was carrying a fake Chanel shoulder bag.

Stop it!


See, American will have a giant-ass parade that closes of major roads and all if some stupid team wins some athletic competition. But what about the losers?
The Japs have it right. If the fans owe you something, you owe something to the fans.
GWB Jr. should be out in a stockade so citizens could throw tomatoes at his face for all his failures.
That's extra fucked up because it's all about the exposition. It's not for the deceased, it's so the living can be visible in their remembrance.
I get the feeling that these are the same tackies that do the roadside memorials for the shithead that drove off the road and into a tree.
Mourn in private, you ghouls. And spare us the tragedy of the drunk spazz that was mercifully snuffed out by his own stupidity.
You're only supposed to get teardrop tattoos for people you personally have killed. Motherfucking poseurs.

"I'm not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou."

I thought they were for fallen upstanding citizens that just happened to be a member of their gang.

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