This Week In News That Makes You Doubt Your Committment To Humanity

Why is it so hard to help Syria’s earthquake victims?

"On the other side of the equation are areas held by the government of President Bashar al-Assad, facing U.S. and European sanctions. Foreign governments and many international aid groups avoid routing aid directly through the government, which they have sanctioned for war crimes against its own people. The belief that aid would be pocketed by war profiteers and Syrian officials is widespread."

The Syrian official directed a message to US President Joe Biden, asking: 'Didn't the Syrian state open border crossings to allow humanitarian aid to make it to armed-groups-held areas.'

'The aid making it to areas held by armed groups were being sold to the people,' he said. 'They planned that aid only makes it through to armed groups and terrorists, and Syria is ready to let aid make it to all regions on the condition that it does not make it into the hands of terrorists.'"


Meanwhile....."Her umbilical cord was still attached to her mother when she was found, a relative told Agence France-Presse. Her mother is believed to have died after giving birth."


An orphan who will grow up to be likely sold to Eastern Europe for the sex trade whilst men bicker over man made political divisions
9-year-old Eunice Winstead with her 22-year-old husband, Charlie Johns, in Tennessee, 1937. Before the marriage the Reverend quickly looked over their marriage license and everything seemed to be in order. Issued six days earlier, that legal document allowed him to marry 18 year old Eunice Blanche Winstead to 22 year old Charlie Jess Johns.

Of course it turned out the couple had lied on their marriage application. On the morning of their marriage, Eunice told her dad that she was headed up the road to her married sister’s house to get a doll that Charlie had given to her the previous Christmas. Instead, she met up with her fiancé and the two walked several miles to ask Reverend Lamb to marry them.

After the ceremony was completed, Eunice stopped at her sister’s to pick up the doll and then went home. When questioned by the press, Eunice’s dad, Lewis Winstead, stated, “All right with me – there’s nothing you can do about it now.”
Mrs. Winstead commented, “Eunice loves Charlie and Charlie loves Eunice, and’ ain’t nobody’s business but theirs. Never in all my borned days did I see such a commotion and flusteration about two people getting’ hitched. Maybe Eunice is a mite young, but what of it?”.

They stayed married for 60 years until he passed away in 1997. She passed away 9 years later.


"Meriance's ordeal was described in disturbing detail in the verdict, which said the employer had severely beaten her, breaking her nose in one instance, and had often tortured her with a hot iron, tweezers, hammer, baton and pliers.

Eight years on, her body still bears the marks of this torture. There's a deep scar on her upper lip, four of her teeth are missing and one ear is deformed.

'I also thought about fighting back,' she said. 'But if I fought, I would have died.'"

Divine justice - her employer/slave mistress walks free.

The hospital said it conducted a thorough internal investigation of Edwards’ care and found that her “medical treatment and hospital discharge were clinically appropriate.”

“In addition, we are implementing empathy training for security officers serving on behalf of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and Covenant Health,” the statement said.


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