This Week In News That Makes You Doubt Your Committment To Humanity

"Footage of the assault shows the man repeatedly stabbing the girl and crushing her head with a huge stone. The video, which has gone viral and led to outrage in India, shows many people watching the assault or walking by.

Police have romantically linked the couple and say they had quarrelled hours before the murder on Sunday."
New technology creates AI romantic partners for users

There's two. There's the woman who says she enjoys her AI boyfriend who is in some weird whispering raspy voice... And then the reporter trying some AI embodiment of some social media influencer.

....I have enough challenges not being able to spend time with real human beings in my life.

I'm not sure where I would find the time to embrace a computer program. Now if you can get the social media girl into an augmented reality/virtual reality headset then that woman can live off her laurels forever like Blade Runner 2049.
Does that mean if we're facing an asteroid that Aerosmith's I don't want to miss a thing will be on the top streamed Spotify list?

I hope for Ms. Dion's sake that her agents got her a good deal on her library given her health and inability to make a living off singing these days.

"The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) lead on child safeguarding, Ian Critchley, said it would be wrong to argue that because no real children were depicted in such 'synthetic' images - that no-one was harmed.

He warned that a paedophile could, 'move along that scale of offending from thought, to synthetic, to actually the abuse of a live child'"

Just think of what happens when this AI program is trained enough it gains sentience.

"Another Maui local told the BBC that tourists were swimming in the 'same waters that our people died in three days ago' - an apparent reference to a snorkelling excursion on Friday just 11 miles from Lahaina."

"In the immediate aftermath of the fires, some 46,000 people left the island. The grass field separating the airport from the surrounding highway is now lined with rows upon rows of suddenly surplus rental cars.

But thousands did not. Some ignored requests to leave Maui immediately, while others flew in after the fire - decisions that have angered some."

"Staff told the BBC that many of the guests were sympathetic to the crisis on the west of the island. Others had complained about scheduled activities in Lahaina - horseriding, ziplining - being cancelled, said Brittany Pounder, 34, an employee at the Four Seasons.

The day after the fires, one guest visiting from California, asked if he could still get to his dinner reservation at the Lahaina Grill - a restaurant in one of the hardest-hit areas of the town."

I think it was pretty much the same in Greece.

...soo about 15K North Africans died in a little over a week.

“We don’t wear that in this country and take that mask off!”

"NYPD Deputy Commissioner Mark Stewart has said that the department has seen some recent hate crimes in the city fueled by the Israel-Hamas war and tensions in the Middle East, NBC New York reported."

....Struggling to make the linkage between Sikhs and the black perpetrator and the Israel-Hamas war.

"On Friday, the FDA said in a statement that the lead contamination in the cinnamon pouches may be the result of economically motivated adulteration, also known as 'food fraud.' NBC News was unable to reach Negasmart.

According to the FDA, food fraud can happen when a cheaper ingredient is added to a product to enhance it or bulk it up, but is not disclosed. One example highlighted by the agency is when lead-based dyes are added to spices to give the product a certain color."

I think I have one of these pouches..not sure the flavour, in my fridge.

"That’s because 12/31/23 is known in the massive Las Vegas wedding industry as a 'specialty date,' thanks to the repeating 1-2-3 1-2-3 pattern, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported."

Let's get married just because of the digits in the date. Not because of love, affection, companionship, or any other deep meaning.

Are these people told some countries use dd/mm/yyyy?

Sapporo Ichiban Chicken Ramen + eggs + butter + garlic powder + black pepper: This hack, courtesy of Kylie Jenner’s viral TikTok, reminds Leung of a cheeseless cacio e pepe. After boiling the noodles in just enough water to cover them, he adds butter, half the seasoning packet the ramen comes with, some garlic powder and two raw eggs. He then vigorously stirs everything until it emulsifies. To finish, Leung grinds in a hearty helping of black pepper for a piquant punch.”

Cacio e pepe is cheese and pepper. Where did the eggs, butter and garlic come from?

"Bronson's Christmas present remains still wrapped up at her flat. The last time she saw her son was in November because she and his father had fallen out.

On 9 January, the social worker was given access to the property by the landlord - and the tragedy was discovered."

This is mental. because you don't talk to your ex you decided not to even check in on your own son for over 2 weeks?


"Finding time to fit in everything onboard Icon of the Seas promises to keep passengers busy. And speaking of passengers, the ship can carry a whopping 7,600 guests at full capacity, along with 2,350 crew – so about the whole population of Sedona, Arizona."

“It’s big, it’s bold, it’s perfect for the Caribbean, it’s perfect for our market,” it's a mammoth ship that putters around the Caribbean?

"'My child was still alive and kicking around 15:00 on 10 March... All his money was transferred from his phone at 16:10 and his phone was turned off,' the father said.

Before his death, the boy transferred 191 yuan ($17; £13) to one of his three classmates, the father told The Beijing News."

Proof that juvenile violence is an issue across the world ...and this time worth $17.

Proof that human biology 101 is not a requisite course in Nepal.
"...with kidneys again at the heart of it."

A sub editors dream.
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