Tips and Tricks for Sleeping


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I'll kickoff.

If you want to redefine power nap, drink a cup of coffee and take a 20 min nap. You'll wake up like the sun.
I'm going to roll all these up in one giant Tips and Tricks for all bodily functions thread.
What's next? Tips and tricks for being awake? Tips and tricks for peeing? Tips and tricks for washing yourself?
No, none of those.

Ok, I take a break from new threads in this vein and you leave these be?
I use a mask to cover my eyes. If I don't have a mask, I have to use a shirt to something to cover my eyes. I am powerless to sleep otherwise.

And Ambien for international travel.
Don't have a TV* or laptop in your bedroom, don't read in bed, don't work in your bedroom. Treat your bedroom purely as a room in which you sleep, nothing else. Well maybe sex from time to time, but otherwise, just sleep. Helps you avoid forming bad habits sleepingwise. And I avoid drinking more than two or three caffeinated drinks in a day, and none after about 6pm. Used to sleep badly until I did these things.

*television, not transvestite (they do seem to be something of a theme on WDWV, so feel free to have one of them in your room if that's your thing)
If you have a Mac, this program turns the brightness of your display to match a fluorescent light, which is more sleep inducing than the ultra bright light of a normal backlight. You can set it to automatically dim the display when the sun goes down, or at a certain time.
IKEA has excellent black out roller blinds. Also having a warm shower or bath immediately before bed and no tv or computer for at least 30 minutes before bed and hour is better.

Lack of which yesterday explains this 5am posting.
Also, don't encourage your kids to sleep in your bed. Ever. At all. Even once.
Do you really use this? Do you go for "celestial" or "summer night" when you sleep?

White noise or thunderstorm/ocean surf. For me, at least, its really not about the perfect sound so much as something pleasing to drown out all the other sounds.
If you're a heavy sleeper, lighten your room at night. If you're a light sleeper, darken it.
I find the ingestion of large quantities of alcohol helps to get to sleep. It makes for rough mornings, to be sure.

When I was used to drink large quantities of alochol I couldn't sleep well, cause I felt when I was in bed that I was traveling trhough the fabric of space-time at a decent rate of the speed of light haha. Then had to wake up to throw up. :LOLguy-88:

But when I have a beer of this ones that are astisanal, one or two, made me sleep like a baby, seriously.

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