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Anyone still watching this mess? Who's the mayor? I KNOW him from somewhere and its driving me nuts.
Holy hell this show has gone completely off the rails. Time travel. Future visions. WTF is all this shit?
This show has completely jumped not only the shark, but the whole god damn ocean. Time travel, future visions, super nova light bombs? What a shit show.
I mean its never gonna win an Emmy, but for an hour out of my week, it keeps me entertained. I don't expect a life changing experience from it

Well, obviously. But aren't you finding all this shit just a bit TOO much? They've completely abandoned any pretense of sanity. I mean, in a way its applaud-able.
Alright, what the fuck is going on with Jason?

And I don't understand why Sam doesn't ever transform into a giant alligator or a rhino and just demolish shit. He's always an owl or some other pussy animal.
Saw some Sookie boobs this week. I honestly skip through most of it. ESPECIALLY anything dealing with Terry or Arlene.
Ha well did you even watch their scenes yesterday

Because if you did.....

I saw what happened. Hopefully everyone else will follow him.

I can't believe they killed this season's main character already. What a fucking waste.
This has become one of the worst shows ever.

I watched S1, and part of the way thru S2, but just couldn't take the suck anymore. I'm truly amazed its still on the air.

When I was near death ill in my hotel room last week, I saw about 15 mins of it and it was horrible. Some bint was fighting with another bint in a "true blood" bottling factory, there were male vamps fucking in front of a scientist, and a vampire jail. Dexter has gotten really bad, but this takes the cake.

Edit: now I remember, one of those bints was the wife of that pastor dude.

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