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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere before, but in case not:

It’s not that long ago that the Yorkshireman was trying to get a monopoly on Harris tweed. He cut down to four cloth patterns and had all the jackets made in China. Fortunately his plans failed.
is he the one that had the affair with the reporter that was doing the book on him in iraq?
Nope. That was Petreous. McChrystal was Afghanistan. He’s the one who helped cover up details of Pat Tillman’s death.
Nope. That was Petreous. McChrystal was Afghanistan. He’s the one who helped cover up details of Pat Tillman’s death.
dammit i knew it was one of those two. well glad to see he's living his best life now after snuffing out so many.
I really love the Harris Tweed more than almost anything else when it comes to clothing. Was thinking about having this made up for a coat. Would go good with dark grey and brown trousers and work with various turtlenecks.
Harris Tweed.jpg

Tempted to do an olive herringbone, but what would it go with? Grey trousers obviously, but that is about it. Not many turtleneck colours would work either.

Grey herringbone would be limited too wouldn't it?
They are both beautiful! The top one has that hint of wine that you could play with. The bottom one looks a lot like the green herringbone I used for a hacking jacket about ten pages back, in this thread.

I love olive tweeds - best with browns but can also work with navy and charcoal trousers. Lovely with a cream turtleneck.

I think of tweeds as being ‘country’ and this earthy tones, but Brookes Brothers have been doing grey herringbone jackets for many years. Its big advantage is that no one will mistake it for an orphaned suit jacket.
I used to own a green houndstooth harris tweed. Great coat. Nice with some turtlenecks, but hard to pair with many different coloured ones, and this is the issue. Green turtlenecks don't work, neither would red,,orange, etc (my main winter thick skivvies).

There is also this tweed. Looks great, but probably less versatile. Could pair this with various trousers, but limited in the turtleneck colours l could pair with it. What do you think?
Harris Tweed 2.jpg

Will probably end up getting a green herringbone eventually.
A green/olive tweed jacket, beige trousers and blue shirt has been a favourite of the Continental/Germanic country set for many years.
This makes me happy to see: Classic country/ hunting tweed on a budget:


Made in China and the sizing looks really confusing, but it’s all wool and Bemberg lined so hopefully not too shoddy. I think they are associated with Bronson, who make good vintage pieces to a budget.
Moon has a really nice, new tissue which is supposed to be denser and less spongy than the previous tweed in this colour.

I really like tweed used for casual jackets. I have a gun check field jacket that looks a bit less ‘old and stuffy’ than a trad sports coat. This car coat is pretty cool, too:

I’m a sucker for English country tweeds and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this stuff gives me a semi-boner, but I’ve also learned to accept that it just makes people over 40 look like they are over 80 or have raised the op shop/Goodwill for their clothing.



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