Unpopular Opinions...

Here's one: Egypt can oust as many leaders as they want, their always going to have a shit government.
Leap year is a conspiracy started by Malcolm X and the guy who invented peanut butter to make Black History month a day longer every 4 years.
Are these supposed to be personally held opinions?
Soviet cosmonauts could speak their mind on a variety of issues.
A two class system should be implemented whereby stupid people are required to take menial jobs and live in "working towns", and smart people are required to join worthwhile professions and good quality loving areas. It wouldn't be based entirely on IQ, but include verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, general knowledge and a self-nominated "specialist subject" which allows all the savant/genius types a chance to enter the higher pool.

It won't be long before the black storks of eugenics begin circling above your "working towns".







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Of course, there's no accounting for teratogen babies.
You and I both know that it's not a land space issue, but a resources issue. If you did actually shove everyone in Texas, 90% of them would be dead within 2 weeks of dehydration.

This would, by proxy, solve the overpopulation problem temporarily, so I suppose we could do your plan. I think mine is more humane though.

Dude. It's an info-graphic. There is no possible way for you to win this argument.

Unless you can bring a contradictory info-graphic to the table... then buddy, you've been outmaneuvered.

The Confederacy had every right to secede, and Lincoln's vainglorious re-annexation is directly responsible for the big-spending strong federal government we have now.
Dizzy Gillespie is sitting on a hot coal in hell right now for something he did to me when I was nine. No, it's not sexually related.
I never got the love for her. Her music stinks and she's not that hot.

A girl I went out with in high school was obsessed with Tori Amos, I'd always say that women belongs in a barn breastfeeding a pig. There's no downside that way.
Fatties cost us a lot of $.

There should be an obesity test: if you can no longer wipe your ass then you're tax rates double. We'd need to think about options to administer this test, but its a solid idea otherwise.
When I saw that you can wipe your ass and wash your back with the same thing, I was like, 'nah, I'd probably just break it'.

That abomoation cannot properly wipe an ass. You need a firm finger wrapped in paper to dig out the remnants close in. If you don't dig, you're a pig.
you should never speak painful truths to members of the Federally protected classes. never
you should never speak painful truths to members of the Federally protected classes. never

The guy just didn't want to hear about OfficePants digging shit out of his ass. If anyone here is making a scene, it's you.
Most so-called racism is classism.
This thread's assault on the poor is hopefully directed at the underclass. There are decent folk who happen to have low living conditions and there are people who live poorly because that is what they know and no amount of money will change the latter. The underclass are defined by irresponsibility ... in much the same way the rich are defined by unaccountability.
If anyone can't tell the difference between a humble, unfortunate person and a ghetto idiot bred from generations of derelicts, I'll continue.

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