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Zé Ferreira

Who might be down for kicking off the forum with a little bit of forum unity through a custom shoe/boot makeup to celebrate?

I have no idea what it entails as of yet, just thought it might be interesting to play around with the idea.

I was thinking Carmina b/c of their favorable q/c and reasonably fast turnaround times, but would be open to any and all suggestions too.
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I'm probably not going to be able to participate, due to my Fred Flinstone likeness, but I'm more than happy to take the lead and take care of all the contact, details, money, etc..

This is a last comparison chart I found on SF.

Apparently it's (Rain, Rain,) Soller, Simpson, Queens, Forest.
Would all depend on the makeup and materials.

Here's the chance to get your shell on, Betel.

That would be nice for sure. But would need to know the price. How would this work? Give me details, Argen. :)
Personally, I've really been attracted to the Jumper Boot profile.


These are on the Forest last.

My dubmonks are on the Inca (and have been extremely comfortable and easy-going on the break in)

Also, Grand Potentate Grand Potentate , the Forest last can be done in up to EEE widths, apparently - "Ancho EEE"

Snagged this from SF:

I thought I'll add this too. This is from Ethan at The Armoury:

Carmina lasts

Inca - Widest last and waist for wide feet (EE width)
Rain - Like the Inca but with a chisel toe (EE width)
Soller - A boot last like Robert, fits like a double E.
Forest - Standard width with round toe (E width)
Uetam - Similar to Forest but a shade narrower (E width)
Robert - Like the Simpson but more room in the toe box (E width)
Queen - an E width, similar to Alcudia but shorter
Alcudia - Like the Simpson but with Almond toe (E width)
Simpson - Narrow with chiseled toe, extended toe box (E width)
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Those boots are pure sex.

I second this.

If I can order those boots in cordovan in that same color and they are going to be a bit cheaper than retail because of a group buy, then I'm in serious problems. :)

The dubmonks are sweet! But I can imagine the price, so no exotics from Carmina for me right now. Plus I really want to try Cordovan. I would like those boots to wear them with everything... everything I SAID! :D

I wouldn't mine if instead of Carmina you guys select Alden, these boots I "would sex" too (jrd, 2013. Well Dressed, Well Versed)


Or some tassels... but I don't know how this would fit... so it's more likely I will go for dem boots.

For the record, I've been favoring Carmina b/c they actually produce. Exotic shells out of Alden have been back ordered for over two years now, without even being confirmed by the company. Carmina on the other hand has produced multiple custom runs and provided everything in a timely manner. Mike at Epaulet won't even be looking at rare shell colors through Alden anymore.

Not that I don't think all of those boots aren't attractive that y'all have pictured, I'd just prefer to get them while I'm still in my 20s.
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I'll probably be out as someone just married, moving into a new place, etc etc etc. But I do recommend going through Unipair for biased reasons. One unbiased reason, though, is that I can run point. I don't know if anyone else lives in the same city and has a person-to-person relationship with someone to work with for an MTO for Carmina (I think they'll also do MTO's with EG and Alden). Actually, I don't know if it matters. But if it does matter, I can. They just did a shell cordovan navy boot from carmina for 900usd (free shipping) if you want an idea of the price range.

I guess if this is something Mauro can do (again, I'm not sure if it's best to go through a retailer or if these things can be done directly with Carmina), that would be even better than Unipair.
Chorn Chorn makes good points.

I can look up Mike @Epaulet if you guys want me to.

Or, if Mauro has some connects, maybe we could get in on the very first WvG shoe run ...
From reading a few threads, it had seemed that going directly through Carmina was cheaper; ordering any standard makeup through their website runs much cheaper than doing so through a retailer...
From reading a few threads, it had seemed that going directly through Carmina was cheaper; ordering any standard makeup through their website runs much cheaper than doing so through a retailer...
Everyone's got to take their cut
Alright, so order of priority for this:

a) WDWV is able to handle it ourselves
b) WvG
c) Unipair as I can talk to them in person and make sure everything runs smoothly.

It'll be my turn to annoy them. One of the owners texts me every few days to try and get me to buy one pair of shoes or another. He's not even trying to get me to buy from Unipair necessarily...he's pushing shoes on principle. He's actually the guy who pointed out that some Howard Yount pebble grains were on sale and I should pick them up (he loves pebble grains and they are great for Seoul weather).
Yes. Yes he does. But at least the pictures are high quality. As is the store front. jrd, come to Seoul.

And he gets credit for selling me on a pair of shoes from a different AV. He really feels about shoes the way I feel about ties (that everybody should have as many as possible)
Hey guys,

This is really exciting - all the makeups that you're discussing sound fantastic! Couple of notes from my side:

1. Balmoral Boot in cordovan is going to run about $1K, give or take. It all depends on the sole, details, construction, but figure it's going to be about there. We'll price these as fairly as we can, and I'll find some freebees to give the customers who participate in the special makeup projects.
And BTW - a cordo Bal boot is going to be so freaking cool it hurts!

2. The great thing with Carmina is that they can give very concrete delivery dates. If they have the Cordovan in stock, then we can get a pretty firm delivery window on it. If it can't be made for the Spring, then I'll be able to give you a reasonable window for the Fall before you plunk down any money.

3. The only Cordovan colors currently available to order are:

Saddle: like our current Salinger double monk
Chestnut: like our current Fitzgerald shortwing
Burgundy: similar to Alden Color 8, but slightly less reddish. Darker than Chestnut
Loden Green
Deep Red

Whiskey, Ravello, and Cigar are all exclusive to Alden. The colors are variable, and it's entirely possible that a run of Chestnut could be more reddish and Ravello-like, but it's impossible to tell. But the color differences that you're seeing in example photos above are mostly due to poor color correction in studio photography. As someone who shoots a LOT of shell cordovan, I can tell you that it's a pain in the ass to get the color fidelity correct. That's why I've begun shooting footwear both in studio and in outdoor muted light.

4. Some lasts, but not all can be made in wides and/or narrows. Depending on which last you choose, I can advise on what sizing is possible.

5. We should be able to sell and deliver both lasted shoe trees and matching belts with the shoes for any customers who want them with their special makeup shoes.


This was an early post from the EpauletxCarmina MTO thread on SF. A lot applies here. Don't think we'd be shooting for a Balmoral boot though.
I admit the Loden isn't my thing, but I really like the Ruby / Deep Red shell. Think that would look absolutely stunning w/ a navy suit, especially if it came out just a shade darker than above.
Last year Leather Soul had some single monks made up in cordovan by Edward Green. I lusted after them mightily but never pulled the trigger. If we're doing cordovan my vote would be for something similar -

I'd also be in on a cordovan chukka boot of some sort, or maybe a 2-3 hole plain toe blucher.
This thread could bankrupt me.

My thoughts exactly... will need to add a couple of clients for this month.

I was consulting this with my pillow... if we go with Unipair... I fear that since the product would be shipped from an Asian country the stupid customes will try to charge me a ridonculous amount of import duties. I don't know yet for sure if sending them and mark them as a gift will give me a "free pass" with the customs... does anyone know something about that?
I'll ask if they've shipped to Mexico. But probably getting the cart way ahead of the horse here.
Folks should probably figure out the brand and general ideas for design before they start figuring out who to go through (if not direct)
Out of my budget, for a while, but I would love a pair of cordovan jump boots or 1000miles in oxblood cordo.

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