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Hey you health-minded folks, what pills and other tonics, potions, salves and the like are you medicating for yourself?
At the moment, the following is ingested by yours truly:
  • Multivitamin- hey, why not?
  • Fish oil- something about that omaga stuff for brains and joints maybe? It's cheap.
  • Flax seed oil- I ordered the wrong thing and got these by mistake...
  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin (and maybe MSM?)- back ache and just old creakiness
  • Vitamin B-12 - supposedly a mood lifter or energizer?
  • Vitamin E - Healing. I'm always cut or burnt or something
  • I'm out of Vitamin C at the moment...
The glucosamine is the only one that I can tell does something, because more than once I've run out and said screw it and then my back aches recur in about two weeks only to subside when back on the stuff.

Whatchoo takin?
Plus I take alcohol on an hourly basis.
I just heard that whatever the healthy stuff in red wine is evaporates within an hour of opening. There is no way that I can get all that goodness absorbed unless I get those little single-serve things...
An expensive way to colour your urine. That's it.
Iron supplements will darken your stool too.
The last time my physician did bloodwork, some D vitamin was discovered, and an extra-strength was prescribed.
I'll add pro-biotic yogurt and kefir here too. That stuff really increases the load-lightening.
Biotin - 10,000 or whatever the unit is. I heard it was good for my hair. Since I'm not doing a double blind study I haven't a clue whether it's the rogaine that caused all the bad hair to fall out and better ones to grow or biotin but I did note that my nails do not chip nearly as often as they did before. When they were very brittle I honestly thought of using clear nail polish to reinforce them.

Also I am taking pumpkin seed oil - it says 1 capsule but I take 2. I used to take 3. Allegedly it's good for your prostate and anything good for your prostate tries to inhibit DHT for hair loss. I doubt it's doing much but as I don't have a prescription for finasteride, it'll have to do. Saw palmetto is the other choice. I don't really have sexual issues with it, but then I'm not quite as interested in carnal things as I was in my early 20s.

I was taking multivitamins before but I stopped. I didn't see how much it helped. I don't eat breakfast much and always forget to take it with a meal. Other than the gummy bears, they bother my stomach.
Vitamin pills don't do anything, proven scientifically. Have to get nutrition from food, recommend high fat meats.
Vitamin pills don't do anything, proven scientifically. Have to get nutrition from food, recommend high fat meats.
Then why did my physician, a regular internist and not some fringe type, prescribe a D vitamin based on blood test results? Why is milk fortified (well, why do people drink milk is a better question)?
No if you're saying that one can't eat junk and chase it with some pills and be healthy, I'd agree. But the average person is not going to magically cover all their nutritional needs perfectly with whole foods. Cheap insurance.
Oh that was why I took multivitamins. I heard alcohol leeches all vitamins from you so I thought it was buttressing against my bad habits.
When I'm training I go with a multi-vitamin, eat a lot of salads, and take a meal - replacement like Met-Rx. That's about it.

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