WDYBT: What Did You Buy Today

Pauly Chase

Hip Dairy Farmer

Those are very nice; is the price being offset by your tie purge?

Mauro: You don't like dress shoes much? With the right size and last, they can be like wearing nothing.
Betelgeuse, tell me about the Predator helmet in your profile pic.

It's very cool? It's not mine, I found a Facebook page of some guys that are making these helmets, let me search for the link and I'll pass it to you.
They look comfy. Looking at them remind me how much I love my Grenson for Paul Stuart black pebbled leather ankle boots. I can walk in them all day.
Got narrow thighs. Sadly, the pants that fit me best RTW are Banana Republic (and to be honest, I've had no issues with their trousers) followed by Faconnable. I do need a few more pairs of trousers, but I want to wait to see what Mauro is going to bring to the table pretty soon. Really want to get some WvG stuff.

I do need some HY trousers, so they'll be a second priority behind WvG
A preview :fap-38: of what would be arriving in a few weeks


This is the one that I'm waiting for, still no news of it...

I no longer own one but I used it for smoothies. I found the Vitamix to just blend better (especially with ice), be a bit easier to clean, be sturdier, and have a better warranty. Blendtec also has a lot of problems with the digital display going bad. I bought them both from Costco, with the assorted bonuses. They're also frequently available refurbished. Check SlickDeals for deal info.
Ordered a black Chipp2 grenadine tie today based on the review on Put This On. I will be interested to see how it stacks up against Drakes and Hober. Can't beat the price.
I asked for a swatch of the wine and the purple. Ordering through his website involved this bullshit process of buying some stupid dog tie and sticking in a comment in the order that you wanted a grenadine tie instead. What the fuck is that about?
It's just a pre-workout drink. It was a stack deal on bodybuilding.com. I usually just take caffeine pills, but decided to switched it up.
Black grenadine Chipp2 arrived today. (A striped Drakes above it for comparison.)

The weave is tighter on the Chipp2. The fabric also feels a bit stiffer or rougher than the Drakes. Otherwise, the same width. I'll give it a go tomorrow.
It's just a pre-workout drink. It was a stack deal on bodybuilding.com. I usually just take caffeine pills, but decided to switched it up.

Nice! I haven't had a preworkout a long time ago. I was using the one from also BSN... don't remember the name, that has NO and I was taking the Nitrix pills... cool sensation.
Lonestar: he sent me swatches for all the grenadines and wool ties. PM if you want them and I will drop them in the mail.
I agree; the colors look nice too. But I want to wear the one I got a few times to see how it holds up before I get any more.

I didn't know that about grenadine fabric all coming from the same mills. Interesting.

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