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This is yet another thread devoted to sociological analysis of the menswear forumite, a classification that we all belong to.

I'll leave it open-ended except to paraphrase a now unfindable comment made by Christian Chensvold over at Ivy-Style.com. His theorem was that there were legitimate people that happened to have style and an interest in clothing, but also went on living healthy, well-rounded lives complete with women and food and drink and travel and other pastimes. Then there was the clothing nerd, for whom clothing was the end all and be all, and they seemed to focus their life around their wearable possessions, despite the fact that it was very disputable how often they were really worn. The latter typically looked less natural and less happy in their clothing.

I'll add that these are also the people that rave all orgasmically about the arrival of their lastest blind internet order coming to the doorstep whereas a healthy individual would either go to a real store or matter-of-factly think "oh cool, my order is here!"
Not them folks. I'll sell some clothes for a night of eating drinking and carousing.

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