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Gives Off Rather Strong Cop Vibes
A thread to celebrate ‘Merica (except for Florida, which has its own special thread) and all of its glorious eccentricities.
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I think over 50% of check out lines in America will have food snacks, even if the business itself does not primarily sell food.
Well, I've been in quite a few gun stores and gunsmithing establishments in my day, but I've yet to be in one that sold doughnuts or any other foodstuffs! Probably not a bad idea, though, given that a lot of guys like to hang around in these places and BS. The stores can pick up some extra $$$!
^It's interesting. When I was growing up, almost every male appreciably older than me had seen service either in WWII or Korea, and there were still plenty of WWI vets around, yet we never saw anything remotely resembling such blowhard posturing. I'd be willing to give long odds that joker never heard a shot fired in anger!
Americans will go to such great lengths to avoid the metric system:


Nearly half of bald and golden eagles in the US have chronic lead poisoning, most likely from bullet fragments​

Pathos and the national symbol.

We used to think it weird that Australians used the animal on the cost of arms as cheap pet food, but this is truly an American tragedy.

Nearly half of bald and golden eagles in the US have chronic lead poisoning, most likely from bullet fragments​

But haven't bald and golden eagles made remarkable population comebacks because of the banning of DDT, which was ruining their eggshells? This lead bullet business remains more questionable. Lead bullets and shot were banned from use in hunting here in California, largely because lead poisoning was hindering condor recovery. Eagles are active predators and scavengers, whereas condors and other vultures are pretty much obligate scavengers, yet turkey vultures have remained relatively common birds both before and after the lead shot bans. I sometimes see them flying over my house, and if I take a walk by the nearby San Gabriel River not far from my house, I am almost certain to see a turkey vulture or two soaring about.
^"Americans!" What movie was that from? I remember that line very well: It was some sort of archeological adventure set in Egypt about a century ago, and an American team was having a fine old time in a shootout with some Arab marauders. The speaker, the brother of the heroine, was part a rival English group, but I can't remember much else about the movie, including its title.

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