We're Turning The Planet's To Shit: Climate Change & Humanity's Ability To Ruin Anything Good

A crucial system of ocean currents is heading for a collapse that ‘would affect every person on the planet’

24th July: We're all going to roast from climate change. It's the hottest summer ever.

25th July: "Atlantic Meridional Overturning Current – of which the Gulf Stream is a part – could collapse around the middle of the century, or even as early as 2025. More than 12,000 years ago, rapid glacier melt caused the AMOC to shut down, leading to huge Northern Hemisphere temperature fluctuations of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius (18 to 27 Fahrenheit) within a decade.

A shutdown 'would affect every person on the planet – it’s that big and important,' said Peter de Menocal, the president of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who was not involved in the study."


“'The Corps is securing water barges that will support impacted water treatment facilities by transporting water collected from portions of the river that do not have salinity readings,' Col. Cullen Jones, the Corps’ New Orleans District commander, said Monday in a statement. 'This water can then be combined with water at the municipal facility to create a mixture that is safe for treatment.'"

Instead of salt water, you will drink...somewhat salty water.

Well..the Swiss make a lot of chocolate even though they don't have cacao..

"But losing the glaciers is about more than losing a stunning view. The ice, which traditionally builds up in winter and melts slowly in summer, provides fresh water vital to Europe's rivers, to irrigate Europe's crops or to cool its nuclear power stations."

Oh...luckily Germany doesn't have any nuclear.

"Beating a long term recent average by almost a degree is bad enough, but this masks even greater differences in some parts of the globe. In Europe, for example, the scale of heating was remarkable, beating the long term average by 2.51C."

Paris 1.5c?

"'The huge problem is the way we are gobbling up space, and have gobbled up space as though it belongs to us and nobody else. And the notion that you should actually have to restrain yourself in order to accommodate the natural world is not one which everybody feels.'

He added: 'We need to persuade people that it's quite a selfish thing to do because, apart from anything else, we depend upon the natural world and we had assumed that the natural world was inextinguishable for many, many years and no matter what we did, we could do what we like, because the natural world was always there.

'It is not always there, simply because we have now become such a dominant species in terms of numbers, we have come to realise that we have to live together and not just entirely on the terms that we choose.'"

Next up. Planet Earth IX - narrated by AI David Attenborough using a compute farm from space because we've ruined the planet and can't cool data centres on Earth anymore.

"Global average air temperatures were 0.4C warmer than the previous high of October 2019, according to the EU's climate change service."

It didn't feel that much higher for some stretches...

“This is already touching the limits of what some people are able to adapt to. As long as we keep burning fossil fuels or give out new licenses to explore new oil or gas fields, these events will only get worse,”

Get ready for more migrants.

"Outside of India and China, the rest of the world’s fossil fuel emissions went down by 419 million metric tons, led by Europe’s 205-million-metric-ton drop and a decrease of 154 million metric tons in the United States."


"In 2023 the world increased its annual emissions by 398 million metric tons, but it was in three places: China, India and the skies. China’s fossil fuel emissions went up 458 million metric tons from last year, India’s went up 233 million metric tons and aviation emissions increased 145 million metric tons."

Oh...this seems futile.

In case you needed the year to end to confirm the final result.

"Last year was about 1.48C warmer than the long-term average before humans started burning large amounts of fossil fuels, the EU's climate service says."

Uhh..I guess the stretch target of 1.5c is over.

"It is likely polar bears will disappear from areas where sea ice will be lost in future, but difficult to say just when and where,"

Poor bastards...

"Some areas will have good conditions for bears also many decades from now."


“'So many stressors are intensifying — climatic ones and land use stressors — when you combine these, they all end up causing water stress in the forest,' said Bernardo Flores, a lead author of the paper who is an ecologist and post-doctoral researcher at the University of Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis, Brazil. 'It can reach a point where the forest is no longer capable of persisting.'”

The rainforest is dying.

On top of that Canadian geese seem to hang around during the winter now. I always thought they flew down south - at least to southern Pennsylvania for the winter.

....the ocean has absorbed about 90% of the heat created by global warming. So, seas were not expected to warm this much already.

'What we see now driving high temperatures is something in addition to El Niño and can’t be explained by the arguments being given six months ago or 12 months ago,' Abraham said. 'Sea surface temperatures are higher elsewhere and very far from El Niño locations.'"

The ocean is our hot tub soon?

“It’s kind of impressive, even to me, we’ve done something that measurably changes how fast the Earth rotates,”

Man has changed the planet.

"The reason leap second adjustments are needed is that even without climate change, Earth’s daily rotation has trended slower over time, even though it may seem constant.

About 70 million years ago, days were shorter and lasted roughly 23.5 hours, a study in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology suggests. That means Cretaceous dinosaurs experienced a planet with 372 days in each year."

Okay. Man has accelerated the planet's changes.

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