What's Making You Happy Today?


Comes off as a condescending prick
someone's gotta do it...

making me happy: sunday evening we went out for dinner in some fancy place here. 10 yo acidkid#1 had some of my goat cheese and grilled apple salad, braised lamb shank and couscous. 4 yo acidkid#2 had onion soup and grilled ocean trout over risotto. and they love it! eating out's turning expensive for us but I am happy my kids like well prepared grub and can't even imagine eating at mcdonald's- except for hot fudge sundaes.
the view at lunch
Asked the 3 year old if she was ready for bed and she huffed at me "I can do it myself!" And she put herself to bed
Found the perfect dress pattern for the beautiful jersey knits I picked up in LA WOOT!!!
It's a small pleasure, but I'm happy that this forum is picking up steam fairly quickly. I already find myself coming here first before checking SF.
My wonderful Mum in law is picking up Little Miss Canuker from school today and dinner smells amazing already, love my slow cooker.
I am really happy that A Canuker is off work Monday and Tuesday as he had his summer tires put on last weekend and I woke up to this today
Are you serious? I'm not being provocative. I am actually asking. I enjoyed their earlier work immensely but I was in high school at the time.

To be sure, it's not a Take This To Your Grave again. It's got heavier modern pop influence, a bit of modern R&B mixing, etc, but the majority of songs are hugely catchy, still with Wentz's signature lyrical bite, etc. I was really expecting the worst for an "end hiatus" album, but it's very listenable, varied, and fun.

The Phoenix (opening track) is the best one, IMO.

The song "Where'd the Party Go" or whatever it's called is a bit more contrived, but fortunately that is the only track like it on the album.
Annual charity fabric sale is today. It starts at 9:30 I will be there for 8 am hence the reason I'm up at 6 am A Canuker set up the coffee maker so its already being made :)
I haven't sold a damn thing for a while, but all out of the blue, I sold 4 items this week. 3 that I'd had listed off and on for over a year. A watch too.
Starting to plan our next vacation taking the Little Miss Canukers to Disneyland this summer :)
JLib taught me a new word today:


In medieval Europe, Termagant was the name given to an imaginary god held in Christendom to be worshipped by Muslims, represented in the mystery plays as a violent overbearing personage.[1]

The word is also used in English to mean a violent, overbearing, turbulent, brawling, quarrelsome woman; a virago, shrew, vixen.[1] In the past the word could be applied to any person or thing personified, not just a woman.
Got a response from the guy that sent me the SC. He has a number, USPS doesn't give a lot of info with that but finally some good news about that.


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