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As the title suggests, this thread is about explaining why you don't like certain styles or clothing items, not just "I hate skinny jeans."

Oh, on that note, I fucking hate skinny jeans. I hate them so hard. They aren't great on girls, but on guys they are so much worse. And I see them everywhere. Why do I hate them? Because I associate them with hipsters, whom I'm not overly fond of.

But they also look ridiculous. Jeans are supposed to be comfortable and skinny jeans clearly aren't comfortable. They also make their wearer look top heavy. Unless of course the wearer is also wearing a very tight top, in which case, he'll be head heavy. Unless they have a small head...so I guess if you have a small head and narrow shoulders, go ahead and rock the skinny jeans.

Generally, male clothing is designed to accentuate our masculinity. Skinny jeans downplay our masculinity, both because it causes our legs to appear less muscular (which they need to be anyway to work with skinny jeans) and clash with clothing which broadens our shoulders, which is perhaps one of the reasons they look so awkward.

It's really a damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you possess the ideal male figure, you won't look good in skinny jeans because you are top heavy (and/or your legs won't fit). If you have the right figure to pull off skinny jeans, you feminize your appearance even more by wearing them.

I don't judge people for wearing skinny jeans (unless they are overweight, in which case they should know better), but I just really dislike their jeans. All you skinny jean wearers can feel free to hate on my ties (an entirely superfluous...and expensive...item of clothing).
San Antonio, Texas. Overweight Mexican-American hipsters (it's less an issue with the gringos for whatever reason)
Not something that I use but I hate to see... leggins. Girls that use them usually don't squate so they don't have the butt to look well on those. They are usually way too slim and they ass look sad or they are so fat that they I think they have superpowers, they can turn out a black leggins, into trasparent.
Re: Skinny Jeans

I don't mind them on the appropriate male physique.

Re: Leggings

Again, I don't mind them on the appropriate female physique.

Lets call this thread what it really is. The Official Hating-on-Fatties Thread. :iseewhatyoudidthere:

But for real - I like my slim jeans. I have a pair that are called "skinny" on the tab, but are cut much more to be what you may call a "slim straight." True skinny pants with massive taper down are unsightly.

I don't mind leggings, too, unless the woman is obviously lazy in her appearance. This can be her weight, or when girls try to just wear them as pants alone, rather than pairing them up under a skirt (tights) or even with that overly long shirt look. They're quickly becoming the "trendy" equivalent of wearing sweats in public.

I don't love North Face. My wife does.

I hate on girls not dressing for their body type. It makes you look even more huge than you are.

I initially disliked the idea of "color blocking," but have found it can be fun to play with (I'm not much for patterns myself) and the use of super saturated colors. It works well for spring-time.

I hate the "Tall Tee" look. I hate cheap shoes. I dislike 3-button suits on guys who are not tall enough to not look stuffed up while wearing them.
Guys: Abercrombie flip flops two sizes too big with cargo shorts and OCBDs. Especially rampant in the Midwest
Shirt untucked underneath blazers/suit jackets/etc
Mark Nasons
Socks with Sperrys in the winter
Logo/branded back pockets jeans

Girls: Fatties who wear yoga pants
Tight t-shirts showing some rolls
Pink by Victoria Secret sweats
I dislike any female who dresses as if they were going to the gym. Because all of the time, they're not.
I'm stretching the definition of clothes here, but I strongly dislike flip flops. The reason is that I really hate the sound people make when they walk in them. It's like nails on the chalkboard to me. (There are two other sounds that annoy me to a similar degree: the sound of beer being poured into a glass on radio ads, when they've got a mic very close to pick up the sound, and the sound of golf balls going into the hole, again when they have a mic close by to pick up the sound.)

Cannot agree with you more.
Disagree here. Tights will often accentuates the parts of her body if she is fit and has a nice body.

These are two hugely critical premises on which to base your argument.

The majority of "fitness wearing womenz" I cross are neither. C'mon - you're really not about to run a 10k pushing a grocery cart at WinCo. at 10:30pm.

Also, regarding gym behaviors - can't stand women who exercise fully made-up with heaping amounts of perfume to boot. And dangly earings while on the stepper. I'm all for some good looking chicas at the gym, but...
But WHY don't you like ill fitting clothes? And how do SW&D people define fit? There was an outfit posted in the last day or so (I moseyed over to the WAYWT thread because of some silly trollish person) that seemed to evoke the image of a samurai...I have to admit that it was very aesthetically pleasing, but it also didn't fit very well in the traditional sense. Very, very loose.

I suppose what constitutes fit depends on the type of clothing being worn.
These are two hugely critical premises on which to base your argument.

The majority of "fitness wearing womenz" I cross are neither. C'mon - you're really not about to run a 10k pushing a grocery cart at WinCo. at 10:30pm.

Also, regarding gym behaviors - can't stand women who exercise fully made-up with heaping amounts of perfume to boot. And dangly earings while on the stepper. I'm all for some good looking chicas at the gym, but...

Also guys who wear Abercrombie or Polo.
Just saw a guy wearing khakis with vibram five fingers at the restaurant we were dining. :facepalm-83:
IIRC there is a brand called Crocodile that is very popular in China and Hong Kong which is a complete rip-off of Lacoste.
it's not a rip-off! the crocodile's facing the other way.


Black leather athletic shoes with slacks.

There was a job fair happening at the base this weekend and my God. I don't know who is telling people this is okay but wow. It's like a disease. Every other guy: black leather running shoes with slacks. Extra points for white socks and a polo shirt with your unit flash. I don't expect a PFC to wear Septieme Largeur wholecuts but Jesus.

Two words, Privates: "Kenneth Cole." Even square toes from Men's Wearhouse look better than what you're doing. And whoever taught you what you're doing right now needs to be slapped.

It probably got handed down from some senior NCO who's never had a job outside the Army in his life but read that "black leather shoes" are acceptable for business wear.

I felt like going to the VA / Wounded Warrior Program employment outreach counselor and volunteering to teach a class on how to dress for work. I still may.
^^^ Totally agree. Sometimes it's even black canvas sneakers. Like the color is the pure determiner of formality. :whathaveyoudone:
This isn't a dislike, per se, but clothes related and a gripe I need to get off my chest.

From the SF-homepage today:

View attachment 173

I like Epaulet. I think they have solid products, and I would not mind being able to purchase more for my own wardrobe.

But the level of obsession on SF pisses me off, as encapsulated by this screenshot. Some users will purchase every single pair of trousers they release. Why? Because they need trousers to fill a need? No, because collector mentality has taken over. Gotta catch 'em all!

And then in so doing, the more casual purchaser like myself is left with slim pickings as people scramble like starved dogs to the dinner table.
^^ As to the what I don't like about it, well, besides the fact that it's just plain wrong; what I don't like about it is that these kids are being misled. And this goes way beyond fashion; this isn't rubber-soled Oxfords or black athletic socks with wing tips I'm talking about. This is absolutely a no-go.

There's just no way -- none -- that that many guys from the same area could all show up at the same place on the same day making the same mistake unless someone -- a First Sergeant, a career counselor, the guy selling shoes at the PX, someone -- is promulgating misinformation.
a) I dislike drop crotch (thanks Pauly Chase Pauly Chase for the term) pants. They make your legs look grossly out of proportion to your torso. They also make it look like you've crapped your pants.

b) I dislike super short jackets. They are popular in Korea, but I figured this was because Koreans often have short legs, and the shorter jacket elongates their legs by revealing more ass. But then I noticed this beauty (via SF) from Emporio Armani that is as bad as anything I see here. This actually bugs me more than the drop crotch, though the drop crotch looks sillier, because it's mucking about with a sartorial tradition I admire.
One must have a certain body shape to pull off drop crotch pants, mainly tall (at least 6'1 or above) and lean. Short stubby guys like me tend to look like clowns wearing them, though I own a pair of Damir drop crotch. Chant/Christian off SZ is the only one I can remember that can pull off drop crotch.

Have to agree, that jacket looks like a woman's jacket.
But thirds are better than halves!!

But actually I agree with you. The reason thatI continue wearing the high 2's and hard 3's that I own (though I don't imagine buying another again with the exception of replacing a navy hard 3) is that I like the way they feel (the extra cloth around my chest). Perhaps I am sublimating some BDSM fantasies.

The hard threes also feel a bit more military to me...don't know why that appeals, but it does.

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