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This thread will chronicle the evil and failures of the current Mayor of New York City, Warren Wilhelm (aka Bill DeBlasio).
His wife did not take either his birth surname or his legally changed last name, because he is a pussy.
He couldn't get his teenage son to shovel the snow in front of the house because he does not command respect.
Today we learn that he was to big of a wuss to hold a groundhog while wearing a pair of elbow length suede gloves without dropping it, and that the groundhog died of internal injuries later that week.
Yes! I was just about to dig this up myself as I heard the glorious labeling of Warren Wilhelm as a nincompoop.
Cops hit out at 'total nincompoop' de Blasio after mayor describes 'alleged' attack on two officers during protests
  • He was discussing attack on 2 officers during protest on Brooklyn Bridge
  • They were beaten while arresting CUNY professor hurling garbage at cops
  • They were punched and kicked in the heads leaving them in hospital
  • De Blasio praised 'peaceful' protesters dismissing attack as 'an incident'
  • Footage showed protesters chanting 'What do we want? Dead cops!'
  • It happened on Brooklyn Bridge during protest over recent police killings
  • NYPD Detectives' Endowment Association say 'allegedly' never used when cops accused of assaulting civilians

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