🌟 SANDRO - Huge Sample Sale - Tuxedo pieces, casual, jackets, shoes

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Price list can be seen on the banner. A good amount of formal jackets like tuxedo pieces, work trousers, and a few casual pieces. Going fast in limited sizing💞

Edit: I would also like to mention Sandro is having up to 50% off sale on their main site and 20% off of everything for 4th of July~


Q: What is 260 Sample Sale?

A: It's a long-standing and popular sample sale host that boasts tons of in-person events. You can read more about them on their About Us page.

Q: What is Sandro?

A: It's a brand owned by Paris-HQ'd SMCP Group (also owns popular women's label Maje). They're known for their elegant but simple contrast of playful and thoughtful designs. Read about two of their head artistic directors on their main site.

Q: What is Sandro's quality like?

A: Here are some soundbites from FMF users:

  • "I like my stuff from them. Never bought for over half the retail price, but the sweatshirts are fine quality and my raincoat from them gets a ton of use and has held up well." - citation
  • " Have a leather jacket 3 button ups and a t shirt. US prices are inflated but 80% off is a steal. Leather is much nicer than anything at $500 or less. I would say overall quality is similar to APC/Acne but some pieces are nicer than others (as with all brands)." - citation
  • "[Talking about teddy jacket] Feels just right and is well made. " - citation
  • " The quality is very good. I wouldn’t personally buy it at full price but their stuff is great during sale season. I’ve been eyeing an overcoat for a while so I may pull the trigger now. " - citation
  • " I can only speak to their tuxedo blazer which I don't see on there anymore. I own that and it's great. The closest I've found to an SLP blazer. " - citation
  • " I own 3 button ups (2 viscose 1 cotton chambray) a t shirt and a leather jacket. Everything exceeded my expectations at the price I paid, 50% off or more. " - citation
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