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    Coronavirus The fake numbers are too consistent to be believed if you look at them since the end of March.
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    Coronavirus "The night-time curfew is being implemented across Melbourne from 20:00 to 05:00. The only valid reasons for leaving home during these hours will be work, medical care or care-giving. Melbourne residents will only be allowed to shop and...
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    Coronavirus “'If you are in Florida and you hear your governor saying something, and then the governor in New York is saying the opposite, it’s really difficult,' he said. 'In Italy, it...
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    Protests Across The Globe "’Britain put its stamp on America from the beginning. It was Britain who brought the first unfree Africans to this country and helped to start slavery in America,‘ says Professor Cassandra Newby-Alexander, a historian at Norfolk State...
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    NBA 2019-2020 Season

    "Great team, no if's, and's or but's. Well coached. Championship DNA. The media may not give them as much credit because Kawhi is gone but players know what type of team they are." - thanks LeBron but we already knew that.
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    NBA 2019-2020 Season

    Watching Raptors and Lakers. Lakers had a horrendous start but neck and neck now in the 2nd. Why can't we have people's names on their shirts anymore?
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    Cooking Tips, Tricks, Recipes, & Advice

    It feels like I "wasted" a buffalo mozzarella ball but it was interesting to try it.
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    The Football/Soccer Thread

    Arsenal win the FA Cup. Their ticket into UEFA.
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    Italy is doing quite well. Only 300 odd cases. Maybe everyone there has immunity already. Also I never understood how Portugal got by with so few cases. All the tactics and measures we copy from authoritarian regimes (China being number one) will never be truly effective in a western...
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    Coronavirus "'I knew I was going to catch it someday, as I think unfortunately nearly everyone here is going to catch it eventually. What are you afraid of? Face up to it,' he said. 'I regret...
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    Coronavirus The Americas. Leaders in the worst statistics.
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    Celebs with the ‘Rona
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    Coronavirus "State officials said Freire Interian and his wife, Yohana Gonzalez, 26, learned they were infected with the virus on July 15, after being...
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    Coronavirus Part of that Asian resurgence.
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    The Football/Soccer Thread

    Scott Parker is a manager now. I remember him from his West Ham days.
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