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    NFL 2019

    I'm neutral but I'm going to my club's Superbowl party with a mate of mine. Free food but drinks are for pay.
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    News You Can Lose "A Canadian actor said she was unwittingly hired to protest in support of a Huawei executive fighting extradition to the US. Julia Hackstaff told local media she thought she had taken a job as a background extra. Instead she found herself...
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    Coronavirus "The virus is now spreading at an alarming rate. The hospitals have been flooding with thousands of patients, who wait hours to see a doctor - you can imagine their panic. Normally Wuhan is a great place to live and we are proud of our work -...
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    Good Articles That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads Aha - someone should tell the Asians their masks have little to no effect other than to scare healthy lot.
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    What TV Shows Are You Watching?

    I know the Brits on this forum finished Line of Duty already. Series 5 had a bit of a rocky start in the first episode but rounded out quite well. I reckon by this series everyone has been wrongly or rightfully implicated by now so that was formulaic but I am absolutely astonished this series...
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    What TV Shows Are You Watching?

    I hope that's your own television and not the shared one where others suffer through your manic preferences.
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    The Gun News Thread That looks like more weapons than we gave the rebels who fought ISIS. I think there are only 120K people in Richmond. That's 1/5 of the population or something.
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    Good Articles That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

    Teen Vogue...should I read it?
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    The Trump Presidency "President Donald Trump's defense team for his Senate impeachment trial will include former independent counsel Ken Starr, who investigated President...
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    This Week In News That Makes You Doubt Your Committment To Humanity "The pig, which according to local reports weighed 75kg (165 lbs), is seen being pushed off the tower with a purple cape tied around its shoulders. In one video of the incident, what sound like pig squeals can be heard. What happens to the pig...
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    This Week In Science & Technology The inflationary theory is crocked. Astronomy was my elective when I was drifting from sciences to arts in uni.
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    NFL 2019

    I signed up for my club's Super Bowl party. It would be nice to see Aaron Rodgers rather than Tom Brady's backup.
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    The Football/Soccer Thread

    You mean the Premier League is now like Bundesliga, or Ligue 1 where only one team wins? "The gulf is not only huge between Liverpool and United. In the Premier League context, it is huge between Liverpool and the rest of the Premier League."
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    NFL 2019

    Chiefs back in Superbowl for the first time in 50 years....
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    Random Questions & Thoughts

    Whatever happened to Paris Hilton... wow - she's 38!
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