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    What's Making You Happy Today?

    Need before and after pics.
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    I don’t give you grief. high rise is the only rise. loose for casual is spot on.
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    I've gone the other way - 50% of the time I'm in head to toe Uniqlo
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    Random Questions & Thoughts

    Would you be insulted if we started a Go Fund Me campaign for you?
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    Music Of The Moment

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    Music Of The Moment

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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    Shooey - people need to experiment - hey - I know you have - some of the stuff you were into years ago - we might laff at. (I wont mention Death Metal and fights with Mining Blokes.) Its all part of the - and it pains me to say this - "The Journey"
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    Horrible Celebrity Outfits

    I like it - if it had pagoda shoulders and blue suede boots
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    The Wonderful World of Oz
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    Shooey, yes it’s disappointing. Yet the women, while not all dressed to my taste, are wearing well fitted, appropriate gear. my pet hate at the moment is men in the public eye wearing narrow trousers that pool on the shoes, I don’t mean a small break but an ugly puddle. I can only assume it...
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    Things that I find somewhat, but not greatly, troubling.

    Iirc it’s a USA term. I know them as Pocket Hankies, or Pocket Parrot. The Americans also say “Neck Tie” and “fanny” for bum ((hehe)), ass instead of arse. Funny people. re Seeing Circles , I see Americans referring to “eyeglasses” not glasses, pants not trousers,
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    Heavy fabrics thread (Winter Daddies).

    The Shooman you need a little pair of wheels on the bottom to carry them around they are so heavy. Careful you don't strain yourself.
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    Oi - thats me
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    The Classic White T. Never a problem. Mine has a miraculous image of Jesus's Guitar.
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