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    We do have one every day in at 8.00pm in Spain.
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    I am not a tanner but I have been in quite a few tanneries before. The video you posted show a clear example of a tannery tanning purely vegetable leathers. (Unless they have different equipment not shown in the video. It is true that not many tanneries do that. I have worked with big...
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    Interesting, pure vegetable tanning, do they do chrome tanning as well. The air dry the hides and spray a PU finish at the end for resistance?? Also they select the quality after the first tanning in the pit and before the de- hairing. From where do they get the hides? Hardly any calf in the video!
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    Well the grain was there, you just exposed it. Was it vacuum dried as well? One of the biggest misconceptions is the grain issue with the leather you can perfectly have a natural grain on a pigmented leather and viceversa. The embossing (the italians call it 'print' can before of after tanning...
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    In Spain always olive oil
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    Golpeada? What do you mean?
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    the grain looks different isn't? The Russian reeinder has in my opinion a very metallic/artificial. This one is far more natural and that is has called my attention. It is a very nice veg tanning.- Quite expensive for sure.
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    From where is the leather coming from?
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    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    The Bedo's videos are one of the best you can find in yourube. Quite like also the stuff that shoeremake does but is only in instagram.
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    All About Watches

    Found this in Instagram Really tempted to buy. I did a google search and found only a 2 pages thread in a forum dismissing the brand because the factory makes copies for Rolex,..... Quite like the models with the antiqued dial
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    How a first fitting of a bespoke jacket is done...

    Brilliant post. Thank you A queston on the canvas I assume that the canvas supplied by Richard James Weldon would be the same/similar than the one supplied by The Lining Company? Does the width/colour/material matter or is the weight the...
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    large flooding in Solomeo over the past weeks..... I have a Cucinelle jacket and there is glue all over the jacket. Difficult to believe the Eur 1,500 retail price.
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    Agreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    it is an old suit, isn't? I dont think he is allowed to fly to Europe anymore, unless he flies the tailor to Siria.....
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    If sleeves are too long i am sure you mean that he shrank?
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    The beauty of Monarchy and Aristocracy!

    he is a Putin supporter, isn't he? Fluent in Russian and with big business over there.
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