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Ryan Owens

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Good morning to everyone,

My name is Ryan and I live in eastern Canada. I used to own and operate a small bespoke clothing outfit; my wife is pregnant now and I need a more secure source of income so I now sell off-the-rack menswear in a major national retailer. I enjoy the work, even if it isn't as enjoyable as working with the extremely high quality product I had been working with before.

My favourite mill is, without exception, VBC and I look forward to extolling their virtues ad nauseam with you all. I own a DB suit made from their midnight blue mohair and wool blend and it is beyond expectation for quality. It drapes like a dream and the silky finish the mohair imparts is worth every penny.

I look forward to getting to know the lads and ladies here and to improving my style game (and, maybe, helping you improve you game too).
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