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Hey everyone!
I’m a recovering tacky iGent who has been a lurker on this site for a while now.

Some intel on me:
I currently live in Finland, but I’m not part of the Nordic viking master race as a half-British half-Finnish manlet. Also, my 14 inch drop and square shoulders make me look like I was born without internal organs from the ribs down.
I know jack shit about dressing appropriately, so I am here to ghey over nice fits and to have a laugh or two. Please only hit my nuts, not the face.


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Hi guys,

Thanks, glad to be here.

My main reason for joining is that when I am looking for an item, I'm usually stuck using the handful of shops that I know of/or that Google suggests. This means I never see anything new or might not find what I'm looking for. So I'm hoping to find a new cool place here.

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Hello everybody, nice to be here! I'm here to learn and get some feedback on things I've got cooking. I don't have a tonne of bespoke this and that but hopefully that'll change as I go on.

I'm waiting on a suit cut by a tailor called Stewart Christie in Edinburgh so once I get in for the first fitting, perhaps I can post some pictures here. If that's not the vibe here please let me know.

Either way I'm having a great time wasting company time reading the Disagreeable Menswear thread.


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Hello! Have enjoyed the chat here as a lurker for some time. Good to join at last; thanks for having me.


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Thanks. Long time (45mins) lurker and first time poster here.

In 2013-2014 there was a period where I tried to read some SF stuff for fun, but ultimately stopped. Lately I've been having the urge to dress up more and have myself some tailored pieces. Where better to start than looking for some Foo stories that I read so long ago?

For real, I'm a complete noob who watches and reads about menswear quite a lot, but still yet to cultivate good taste or any meaningful knowledge. My (limited) experience with tailored clothing so far is that I get technically pretty well-made pieces that I'm not very inspired to I'm now on the path of building a wardrobe with items that I actually enjoy wearing. I'm of similar height with Foo (I think) except maybe a little slimmer and perhaps a smaller head, but not close to enough $ for trial and error...hence the Foo search.

Found the train wreck thread when I was googling the old posts, and decided to register after reading about why this forum was created. Wherever I go there seems to be a lot of fluff and ads and "influencing"...based on how brutal the comments I've read here are, I think this might be a not-so-bloated place for me to start reading and learning...and I honestly thought some pics were only viewable by members, but turns out they're just outdated links. The humour here is a big plus too.
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