Why we don't like the clothes we don't like...


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While I'm on my Leather Soul jag, this is a fucking Park Avenue. Fuck you and your 'attorney' shoe:


Designed specifically for our many local attorney clients who make the walk from Downtown Honolulu to district court, we present to you, the “Attorney Shoe.”

For an everyday, workhorse dress shoe, we thought the perfect choice would be a classic perforated tip oxford on the Plaza last. Alden’s deep burgundy dress calf works nicely with navy, charcoal grey, olive, tan…pretty much any color you can think of. The oiled flex single leather sole provides comfort for walking while still maintaining a dressy profile.

Just because you are not an attorney doesn’t mean this shoe isn’t for you! We could have easily called it the “Every Man Should Own It Shoe!”

Oh cool!
I just picked up a pair of these last night!
I’m wearing them right now – loving the classic look, and I did notice the softer sole!
Thanks for a great shoe!


those ferragamos are much better indeed


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As the title suggests, this thread is about explaining why you don't like certain styles or clothing items, not just "I hate skinny jeans."

Oh, on that note, I fucking hate skinny jeans. I hate them so hard. They aren't great on girls, but on guys they are so much worse. And I see them everywhere. Why do I hate them? Because I associate them with hipsters, whom I'm not overly fond of.

But they also look ridiculous. Jeans are supposed to be comfortable and skinny jeans clearly aren't comfortable. They also make their wearer look top heavy. Unless of course the wearer is also wearing a very tight top, in which case, he'll be head heavy. Unless they have a small head...so I guess if you have a small head and narrow shoulders, go ahead and rock the skinny jeans.

Generally, male clothing is designed to accentuate our masculinity. Skinny jeans downplay our masculinity, both because it causes our legs to appear less muscular (which they need to be anyway to work with skinny jeans) and clash with clothing which broadens our shoulders, which is perhaps one of the reasons they look so awkward.

It's really a damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you possess the ideal male figure, you won't look good in skinny jeans because you are top heavy (and/or your legs won't fit). If you have the right figure to pull off skinny jeans, you feminize your appearance even more by wearing them.

I don't judge people for wearing skinny jeans (unless they are overweight, in which case they should know better), but I just really dislike their jeans. All you skinny jean wearers can feel free to hate on my ties (an entirely superfluous...and expensive...item of clothing).
I quote every word.


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I am getting a bit put off by very large hoomans in leggings and yoga bottoms. Sadly, I can't unsee it....
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