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I've paid some interest in the collapse of Carillion and the next domino to fall, Interserve, in the UK. Mainly, as I was there at the beginning of this corporatist New Labour hijacking/reinvention of the civil engineering, construction and janitor disciplines as Facilities Management on meta-amphetamines for the benefit of the shareholding top management and at the expense of the tax payer.

Whilst the collapse of the Spanish construction sector in the 2000's was worse than the failure of these two Blairite-Brown gang contraptions, the Spanish government introduced legislation that the Brits could learn from: limiting the number of subcontractors and banning manpower agencies. This resulted in smaller contracts - splitting larger projects into more manageable sized contracts - and forcing companies to take a longer term view and break the cycle of quick fix and business decisions made to maximise the share price for the benefit of a few directors. But most of all, look at labour needs in the long term by taking on staff labour and training them.
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