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Thank you Thruth Thruth , that was a helpful hint. Today I tried Aoud Forest, Fantastic Oud and Dark Aoud. First on a piece of paper, then Dark Aoud for real. Auod Forest is nice, a bit generic I think could be hotel soap (and not enough oud). The Fantastic Oud is indeed just that, it is just so well-rounded and interesting (bit like the Creed, if that one had oud). After a couple of hours, I might even like it more than the Dark Aoud. That one is pretty much excactly what I was looking for, it is right up with the Guerlain I tried. But the Fantastic Oud is excellent as well. Montale has still a few more ouds to try. Will also order some samples from Xerjoff Oud Stars, don't know why I haven't thought of that before, they usually have good stuff.

A couple of days ago, tried Boucheron Oud de Carthage, waste of time. Also tried Dior Oud Isfahan again, still like it a lot, probably not as much as the Fantastic Oud though. Saw (too late) that Dior also has Oud Elixir, Purple Oud and Leather Oud, on the list for more tries.

Most likely will boil down to Guerlain Oud Essentiel, Montale Dark Aoud and maybe one or two more from Montale, Xerjoff or Dior.
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