What TV Shows Are You Watching?


Witness Protection Program

I stumbled onto this today after receiving a notification. I just watched the VERY solid first ep.

A regular day at an Israeli high school goes haywire when shooters invade the campus and start.....well...shooting.

A "special ops" officer is somewhat nearby and responds when he hears the call come in. Along with some other officers, they enter the school. What they find are some students dead, some injured and the majority of them hiding/scared.

The investigation begins! What is looks like.....may not be what it is! What it is....will need to be figured out!

This will, hopefully, keep me entertained over the next few evenings. I hope it keeps up the momentum and doesn't get too soap-opera-ish.

After 1 ep....4/5!


The Hamiltonian Hung Like a Horse
Watching a couple episodes of Forged in Fire on History. Happy to see people interested in blacksmithing. These competition shows are a good timesuck
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