Why Are You Pissed Off Today?


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Last week when I was Vienna, my CEO didn't quite understand in a European canteen you have to get your own tray and cutlery, I got his cutlery for him. Yesterday when we were in a hotel conference room he was at the head round table by himself because he was doing all the speaking. When lunch break happened, I grabbed a chair from his table and put it in front of one that had people for him. Similarly when my boss arrived jet lagged from the plane, I made sure he got back to the hotel with Uber.

Maybe it's my sense of hierarchy but it's just something I do.

Now on to my own department. I had an issue today and I thought my folks would resolve it on their own. Suffice to say when people from other offices checked on us and no one replied, I waited a bit to see if they were expecting me to. Soon I'm getting calls from Thailand asking what's going on. Finally I walked out to the one chap still at his desk at 1800. I asked why he hasn't replied and he said as he checked his computer that he had apparently drafted a reply but it was hidden behind a few windows and he forgot to send it. I had to stand in front of someone two levels below me to get him to send a bloody e-mail.
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