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thicker but more pliant than horsehide
Welcome to DW S Sammy Ambrose P Pb83 S sahaj and M MickDagger .

Any one of you manjacks ever smell a riot tire on Napoli? Have you ever been fleeced by banksters? Spent any time in the Dark Room of Disease™? Do you wear down-filled pants in town? Have you ever pretended to be the owner of another man's haberdashery? Do you like it, the tissue with many years on its shoulders like Johnny Caccaruti? Are you a Belgian cunt who wears PJ tops as dress shirts? Are you one of a number of German cunts who sick their male lovers on Rambo Rambo to take down pictures of their dom with the crazy eyes? Do you crush park benches with your big fat ass? Do you have a root beer dial Rolex but have no clue how to dress yourself but see anti-semitism everywhere? Have you ever found yourself on Ibiza with the top down, charlie in the front and the girls in the back with Frankie Knuckles on the stereo? Have you ever been violated by Murroquiens? Have you ever told anyone that You sir are a jealous arrogant idiot. He is turning 40 and could easily pass for 25, not to mention he is married to a drop dead gorgeous wife. PRO TIP come to SD and say things like "hitting puberty might help though" around me and the people I know; on my mother's life I could make one phone call and send you back to puberty with your balls cut off and stuffed in your face, later to be found in a ditch on the outskirts of Tijuana by Policia Federal. No joke, have respect for everybody and yourself or deal with the consequences of your actions. That is grown man talk so handle your business accordingly?

If so, you will have an interesting time here.

Is this you? Sure, come on in.

Is this you?

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 9.49.00 PM.png

Is this how you finish your MTM sleeves?

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 9.49.08 PM.png

Then unfortunately you are a tacky homosexual who needs demounting. You probably have a platinum nose bone. Jajajajaja.
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