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Saw a Kate Bush tribute in a Kingston pub. It was free and they were surprisingly good.

I always liked Kate and she seemed a decent sort that retired from the spotlight to raise a family.

I don’t usually listen to the music of my youth but pals told me about this one and it was a pub I don’t frequent. Decent pint of Adnams too.
Kate was wonderful, but sadly she got all mumsified. Still, got the talent, but her voice from the recent live album lacked the range. An associate of mine who alleged to have been at her country gaff at a party stated ''Everyone thinks she's really articulate with a brilliant mind, but really she's an absolute space cadet and can't string a sentence togther!'' I'll never know the truth on that and she still has that feminine mystique.

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This kid is 15 and he matches it with the best bass trombone players in the world. He is INCREDIBLE!!! Listen to it from 4 mins to the end. Those Swiss brass players are amazing.

I've been following him for a few years and he is totally brilliant.

Here he is when he was 17 with this mind blowing performance. World class!
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Never forgave him for slagging off Paul Weller in an interview saying his output was what you played when you were making music to pay for your next swimming pool.
Harsh, but true.

Actually I’ve been on such an Anderson kick the last few days I’m going to buy his autobiog for some vacation reading.
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