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Married man’s death during sex on business trip ruled a ‘workplace accident’
Interestingly, there was a similar decision in Australia a few years back, although it was appealed and I can't remember whether it ended up being upheld.

In essence, a lady was sent on a business trip to a country town. After work, she met up with an old friend and romance flared between them. They adjourned to their hotel room and got down to business, so to speak. During the action, the man pulled a light fitting off the wall during one particularly acrobatic manoeuvre and it hit the lady in the face, injuring her.

She claimed worker's compensation for the injuries that she suffered in the heat of passion and she was initially successful in obtaining compensation as it was decided that the injury was received in the course of a work trip and, were it not for the work trip, she would not have been in that location!
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