Cop Tyranny Thread


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“Culture Crimes”. Got it. I can think of a few tackies and Pitti shills more deserving of snatch and grab black ops.

Pimpernel Smith

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Going full mask off
Unlike the Antifa-kind, I've never felt a need to wear a mask, or hide behind ''We're not organized, we're just a loose affiliation of anti-fascists....'' whilst sporting neo-fascist uniforms and waving totalitarian flags that are a mixture of Communist and Fascist designs. And laying claims to whole cities with their Northern Ireland Troubles graffiti.

You've already seen the elite liberals starting to ditch the revolution. As they realize it's coming for them too.

As you've rightly ascertained, the Fed are going after the players and the leaders, the whole structure. Good for them.

The masked marvels will get their Miranda rights and released, some will talk and slowly the net will close and all of a sudden the guilty will be exposed and the edifice brought down.

Cancel culture will then work as a counter-force and will be equally as ruthless.
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