Famous People Who Died

Pimpernel Smith

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Incompetence wasn't the Police's only sin. They also referred only some of the victims as innocent, the ones who weren't prostitutes. I remember women being genuinely frightened across the North during his reign of terror.

Its also tragic how everyone remembers the name of the killer(s), but no one remembers the names of the victim(s). Notoriety rewarded by a place in the history books a point that Oliver Stone unsucessfully attempted to draw attention to with his film Natural Born Killers.
Many experts advise against sensational reporting of mass and serial killers in the media, as it feeds the narcissistic urge of would be psycho killers. As an example, John Wayne Gacy cited Dean Corll as someone he wanted not only emulate, but to surpass in sadistic evilness. These psychiatrists and psychologists advise not to use flashing police car lights and sirens in news reports and keep it at the local news level and eliminate the name of the killer as much as possible. Pretty much impossible, but I get their position.

Even my kids know of Ted Bundy through the Netflix film and documentary.
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